Complex Mechanical System Dynamic Parameters Identification. Application to the Advanced Control

Head: A. Valera Company: C.I.T.Y.T. Term: 2005/2006

Project Abstract


This is a Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia of Spain research CICYT project CICYT referente number DPI2005-08732-C02..

This research project deals with the dynamic simulation and advanced robot control. In order to do this, the project tries, in the first place, to develop a methodology for the determination of constant physical parameters (masses, location of centers of gravity, tensors of inertia, friction parameters, etc.) in complex mechanical systems. The identification procedures must be verified on real mechanisms, therefore the development of the project is considered on three types of mechanical systems: industrial robots (open kinematics chain mechanisms), parallel robots (closed kinematics chain mechanisms) and automobiles. The selection of those systems has been made based on its importance from an industrial point of view and the specific problems that each one of them presents to the identification problem.