Robot Dynamic Control

Head: Ángel Valera Fernández

The objective of this line is to develop the research and the practical experiences in the field of the dynamic control of robots, approaching all the stages: development of new controllers, analysis of them and later to make its practical implementation in industrial equipment. The research of this line is centered in robots of chain open and closed kinematics, as well as in movable vehicles.

The most important fields that they compose this research line are the following ones:

  • Movement Control : In this line the movement control of robots is approached, working with linear and nonlinear controllers for the point to point and trajectory control
  • Force Control: In this line one works with the development of strategies that control the force that is applying at any moment the end of the robot on the surroundings of the robot.
  • Remote Control: In this line one works for the automatic generation of controllers and strategies to control and to handle robots and industrial processes of remote form.
  • Control Architectures: In this field one approaches the analysis and development of open architectures of control of robots